Recovered Vehicles : Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla
TOYOTA Corolla
Year of issue: 2003
Date Stolen: 2017
This Vehicle has been recovered. Please match the Chassis number with your documents and contact us for further information.
CHASSIS NUMBER: 2T*B***H9*49****7


Vehicle Details
Vehicle Plate Number: 2T*B***H9*49****7
Vehicle type: sedan
Condition: used
Listing Type: active
Colour: N/A
Interior Colour: N/A
Engine Number: n/a
Chassis Number: 2T*B***H9*49****7
Items stolen with the Vehicle: N/A
Police Station Contact Number: Any Nearest Police Station
Date Recovered: 2019
Vehicle Recovery Location: SOUTH WEST NIGERIA
Country nigeria
Latitude: 9.9466071
Longitude: 8.865931300000057
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