Welcome to Car Buying Service, a premium service offered by Naijastolencars.com, you favorite free and largest online database of stolen vehicles nationwide.

How it works,

  • Tell us about the car you want to buy

  • Give us details on the seller

  • Lets do the final checks

  • Settle Price and Payments

Added Services

  • Escrow Services: Making Payments to Auto-dealers sometimes comes with its own risk, At 9jastolencars, we can act as escrow partners when depositing monies for your preferred car without having the worry of not getting your money back if the buyer decides to sell. Please tick your preferred choice on the online form here if required.

  • Detailed Mechanic Checks: Looks fantastically good outside and loads of crap inside. From Bad Tyre's, Batteries and Non-exiting emission systems, you can trust us to carry out a detailed┬ámechanic search for you before payment

  • Detailed Legal Search: Is the car genuine? what are the reasons for selling? Need a relaxed mind and a guarantee for your assets, 9jastolencars.com can help.

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