Traffic robbery in Lagos


Unfortunately, early and late commuters are more likely to have experienced traffic robbery in Lagos than any other road user. As the year tunes to it’s end, there is no doubt that bandits involved in this notorious act will surface again. To keep this minimal, kindly take note of the following and also do not forget to pass on this information.

Always observe carefully when a car hits you slightly. You first instinct is to get out of your car and apprehend the other driver, but getting out too fast might get you in danger. So take the following steps,

Quickly try and observe how many people are in the car and take notice. A car with 2-4 individuals might be a team of armed robbers just waiting for you to come out of the vehicle.

Observe cars behind you by making down the colour, make and tailgaiting pressure. Get off road to crowded places if you suspect any wrong moves

Keep belongings such as bags and laptops in the trunk of your car. It’s safer and better.

Make sure your insurance policy and car tracker are up-to-date. It’s the best way out of stress my friend.

Take your time to learn new routes, it could be a life-saver

Keep your original car documents away from your car. It’s bad……

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